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  1. I love these people, I shopped with them back on etsy and they beyond exceded my expectations, not just in speed and quality of service but also in fantastic quality of the film transfers. Just great people keeping underground exploitation alive.

  2. I haven’t been this thrilled by a video purchase in a long time. This outfit really takes care with their offering! I came back to buy some more for Christmas gifts.

  3. I love, love, L-O-V-E this company. Bruce has been excellent. The customer service is impeccable. I’ve ordered three times (?) and am about to place order #4. I’ve also referred several people here. Thumbs up! Five stars! HIGHLY recommended!

  4. Another smart purchase from Bruce! Just received my most recent order the same week I placed my order! Amazing selection, fast shipping, and great quality. When you buy from Bruce, you buy from the best!

  5. Yeah -just received my 2 dvds of both versions of Doris Wishmans “ A Night to Dismember “ Wow the quality of these dvds are top notch! Love the colored cases. Even got some extra goodies/3D glasses. Thanks again!

  6. Thank you very much for the order. I made the purchase from Spain and not only did they bring it to me right away but I received delicious extras,

  7. DVDRParty is the BEST! The selection of video curiosities and oddities is beyond compare, whatever you want to watch, from horror and sci-fi flicks to old kiddie matinee features, collections of film trailers, art films, underground films, whatever! It’s all here, folks! I would say that if you can’t find some favorite, long-sought titles here, you won’t find them anywhere! The service is fast ‘n’ friendly, always with an extra promo disc or two, this site really reminds me of a hidden little used book store I’d go to back in the day, in search of obscure goodies to keep my eyes and mind fed and satisfied! DVDParty has it all! This site is my #1 favorite video source discovery of the year! 😀

  8. I’m not a review kind of person. It seems like enough people do it, so I’ve never felt the need to really do so, but I have to make an exception for “DVDRParty.com”. I’ve been collecting for decades now, and I have to say, my experience with DVDRParty is hands down the best I’ve experienced! The service is top notch, the selection and taste in films is impeccable….in short, you will NOT be disappointed. A fantastic operation with great, friendly communication (rare these days!), and a top notch recording and packaging! Trust me: You’ve found a home here if you are interested in esoteric, B films, cult films and unusual movies. I’m putting my money right here for my collection! Thank you once again for my first purchase. A flawless “10” all the way!!

  9. Wow totally impressed! I got my order in record time. And this during a huge holiday postal slowdown, I’m legit shocked. Really great packaging and a lot of care put into the shipment. I’m sure I’ll be ordering again soon, thanks!

  10. Hands down THE ABSOLUTE BEST DVD sales site on the entire internet! The transfers, the packaging the care that Bruce puts into his service is second to none! I’m looking forward to the hours ahead of watching my latest order and already planning my next one!! Highly Recommended and thank you, Bruce!

  11. Can’t say enough good things about Bruce and the service he provides to ensure these “classics” don’t become “lost classics”. I’m a repeat customer and the love and care that goes into each DVD–from the crisp transfer to the custom labels and cases–has been evident with every single disc I’ve received. If you’ve never ordered from DVDRPARTY, what are you waiting for? And rest assured, you’ll be in good hands with Bruce and you will be left wondering where he’s been hiding your whole movie-watching life!

  12. This was my second time ordering from DVDR Party and I couldn’t be more pleased. Bruce is a scholar and a gentleman. He packs solid, he ships fast, he’s extremely helpful and he’s very friendly. The selection here speaks for itself, but the service is *outstanding*. Thank you Bruce for giving us weirdos our own virtual video store and keeping us properly entertained during such difficult times.

  13. Dvdr party guys are awesome. Awesome customer service, super fast delivery. Both times I’ve ordered they have hooked me with extra goodies. Would recommend whole heartedly.

  14. Hey Bruce. Just received my dvds and they are AWESOME!! And thanks for the extra stuff….very cool. And the stuff you have is SO RARE!! I just can’t afford to order all of the titles at once…….AARRGGG!! But I will definitely order from you guys again. Thanks again.

  15. I can not recommend Bruce enough! He helped to grow my collection with several rare titles I couldn’t find anywhere else. Super fast shipping, top quality, great prices. Thanks again!

  16. Ain’t no party like a DVDRParty! Your best pop culture entertainment value – why waste your hard-earned money on a streaming service that doesn’t care about you when you can shop DVDRParty and always get the deluxe treatment. The most fun you can have and still be conscious. Believe it or leave it!

  17. Hard to find, great quality dvd-r’s at great prices! My order came with an abundance of extras! Thank you very much! I highly recommend purchasing from DVDRPARTY!, I guarantee you will have a very satisfying experience!

  18. I’m so glad I found DVDRPARTY! My order came fast and with a bunch of cool extras that are very entertaining. It’s like a total time warp. I love it! The DVDRPARTY Zone Fighter set I ordered came complete with all the episodes, awesome full color case cover and even a cool color print inside. Quality of the dvds are superb. I wouldn’t be able to find this anywhere else at this amazing price, so THANK YOU DVDRPARTY! I will be looking to DVDRPARTY again for hard to find series of the same genre.

    1. thank you so much Alan, that is such a nice review! teim warp is what im all about haha. also i have much more cool Tokusatsu on the way!

      thank you again for coming to DVDRPARTY!

  19. Hi! Got the 14 TV movie box set. Loving these! And thanks for the 2 extra dvd samplers! Very nice! Will definitely be telling friends about your website. Great stuff-will be buying more! Thanks again!

  20. Always great doing business with Bruce and DVDPARTY ~ Thanks again for the wonderful shipment and products! Look forward to doing business with you again and I will certainly recommend DVDPARTY for hard-to-find and rare films and more!

    Thanks, again, Bruce – You’re the Best!

  21. Hi Bruce, my order came in today, what a surprise, thank you so much for the free DVDs and lobby cards and 6 pairs of 3-D glasses I will order again very soon!!!! Thanks, Steve

  22. Bruce has a treasure trove of content here and is always a joy to deal with. The personal touch provided with his extra goodies makes every order a treat and really embodies the happy , sharing spirit of cult film fandom!