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(1970), Color, 84 minutes
distributed by Trans-International Films

original production:


(1966), Color, France/West Germany, 340 minutes
Franco London Films, ORTF, Teledis, Edumat Productions
Directed by Jacques Bourdon (and Wolfgang Liebeneiner)
Screenplay: Georges Neveux (and Walter Ulbrich)
Story: Robert Louis Stevenson
Music: Jan Hanus (and Robert Mellin)
Cinematography: Roger Fellous, Guy Suzuki

Cast: Jacques Monod (Captain Smollet), Ivor Dean (Long John Silver/”Sylver”), Michael Ande (Jim Hawkins/”Jim”), Jacques Dacqomine (Trelawney), Georges Riquier (Doctor Livesay), Roger Lumont (Tom Morgan), Jean Sandrey (Benn Gunn), Jacques Godin (Israel Hands/”Israel Hando”), Leroy Haynes, Sylvain Levignac (Black Dog), Dante Maggio (Bill Bones), Dominique Maurin, Jean Mauvais (Blind Pew), Ilsemarie Schnering (Jim’s Mother)


DVD-R comes packaged as shown in color DVD case, wrapped in plastic!



This obscure version of TREASURE ISLAND is a nicely mounted adventure film, with gorgeous photography and lavish production design.

There’s a lyrical score, with a groovy rock-based theme song, and a rousing rendition of “Yo Ho Ho…”

The only flaw seems to be the strange dubbing, especially by kooky old Ben Gunn, and the odd, pseudo-English accents sported by almost everyone.

It is highly episodic, as one might expect from a heavily condensed TV series. Perhaps because of this, it certainly does not drag, and is in fact, quite well-paced.

Young Jim likes to run around alot without a shirt, and there is some blood and mild gore, making this assuredly a modern telling of the tale.

The ending, however, is highly condensed, somewhat choppy, ultimately confusing. Still, this comes across as a highly entertaining adventure film.

* This most rare, late Murray kiddie matinee release is a cobbled compilation feature from a French/West German Television mini-series, DIE SCHATZINSEL, that originally ran about 6 hours! It first aired in 1966. As such, it shares similarity with LONG JOHN SILVER, the 1955 Australian film starring Robert Newton as Long John Silver. This sequel to Disney’s TREASURE ISLAND was also a composite of several episodes from a TV series of the same name.

* Many thanks to Marc Berezin for pinpointing “the Murray version”!

* The poster for this release features “borrowed” artwork from Orrin Films’ release of the 1955 Robert Newton chestnut, LONG JOHN SILVER, including the misspelled author’s name.

* (06-28-04) Steven Burstein informs us that TREASURE ISLAND co-director Wolfgang Liebeniener also directed the Nazi euthanasia film “I Accuse” (1940)!

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