here’s a funny one – a black version of THE EXORCIST, which landed AIP in hot water when warner bros sued them because they thought it was “too similar”. can you believe that hubris!

Abby is a 1974 American blaxploitation horror film about a woman who is possessed by a Yoruba sex spirit. The film stars Carol Speed as the title character, William H. Marshall and Terry Carter. It was directed by William Girdler, who co-wrote the film’s story with screenwriter Gordon Cornell Layne.

Abby was out of circulation for many years, partially due to the lawsuit instigated by warner bros., and also because of the uncertain propriety of distribution rights. The ownership of the original film elements of Abby is still in question. The film was released on DVD on three different occasions, all within a year’s time of each other. It was first released October 2006 as a Collector’s Edition, released by CineFear. That edition went out of stock on the day of its release in Amazon. It appears to have been transferred from a visually flawed 16 mm print of the film, which is possibly the only format in which celluloid prints of Abby are still found. The Black Exorcist Edition was then released June 2007. Its third DVD release appeared as part of a Demonic Double Feature set in September 2007, packaged with the German Exorcist film Magdalena, vom Teufel besessen.

As the clean, original copy of the film remains unreleased, it is unknown if the injunction awarded to Warner is still active. In 2013, a 16mm print of the movie was screened at The CineFamily. It is also suggested that Warner not only instigated a lawsuit against the film, but also confiscated all of the copies produced in 1975.

super pee-wee bonus! Abby also stars the incredible KING OF CARTOONS himself, William Marshall, as the exorcist!

this is the best copy of Abby i could find, and this one has an audio track that isnt all warbly. i fixed the sound, the aspect, and put as much color back into it as i could. its pretty cool. color, mono, fullscreen 89 minutes. DVD-R comes packaged as shown in color DVD case, wrapped in plastic!


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