Before Germany released their hit series Schoolgirl Report, sexploitation filmmaker A.C. Stephens released a series of “Confidential” films that shined the light on various subjects with this one here taking a look at college girls. There’s really not too much of a plot here and we’re basically greeted with small stories that all are centered around sex. One story is a girl doing poorly in school so she sleeps with her teacher to get good grades and this follows with the teacher going home and raping his unwilling wife. We get a couple other misfits who sleep with incoming football players and we also get a wild party at the end where LSD is dropped, which leads to a bunch of topless dancing. As far as sexploitation films go this one here isn’t too bad, although if you’re expecting something great then you need to stay away from this film as well as every sexploitation film made. The softcore scenes are all rather silly but there are a couple erotic ones, which is probably the best work I’ve seen from this director. Performances are all laughable as is the score but the only reason this film was made was to show off skin and it does a good job at that. Another bonus is the fact that the film only runs 65-minutes so it never drags.


black and white, mono, letterbox, DVD-R comes packaged as shown in color DVD case, wrapped in plastic.


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