Destricted is a British-American drama film series that explores the line where art and pornography intersect. The UK and US film releases had overlapping but different short art-house erotic films. The film collection won awards at a range of international film festivals, including Cannes, Sundance, Edinburgh, Amsterdam and Locarno.[2]


The UK version released in 2006 runs at 112 minutes and includes seven short films:[3]

  • Impaled (Larry Clark) – A casting for a porn film, but not with the insecure women often displayed, instead with insecure young men. (37min 28s).
  • Balkan Erotic Epic (Marina Abramović) – An erotic comedy about myths from the Balkans about sex organs. (13 min 04s).
  • House Call (Richard Prince) – A vintage sex scene recontextualized with edits and music. (12min 29s).
  • Sync (Marco Brambilla) – Consists of very fast cuts from different porn films. (2min 15s).
  • Hoist (Matthew Barney) – A juxtaposition of sexuality and industrial machinery. (14min 37s).
  • Death Valley (Sam Taylor-Wood) – A man masturbates in the desert. (8min 25s).
  • We Fuck Alone (Gaspar Noé) – A man and a woman masturbate to the same porn film in different rooms. (23min 31s).


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