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Bare Knuckles. Great White. Run Nigger Run. Hell’s Chosen Few.
Chain Gang Women. The Last Hippie. Sugar Hill. The Amazing
World of Psychic Phenomena. The Wild Riders. Point of Terror.
The Brute and the Beast. Crazy Mama. Tidal Wave. Circle of Iron.
The Great Hollywood Rape Slaughter. Three Dimensions oi Greta.
Werewolves on Wheels. The Korean Connection. The Killer Breed.
The Groove Tube. Pets. The Godfathers of Hong Kong. The Night of
the Assassin. The House that Vanished. The Evil. Don’t Go In the
House. Something ls Out There. Intermission Time. The Hot Box.
Born Losers. The Female Bunch. The Naked Hider. Kill Squad.
Matilda. Digby. The Mysterious Monsters. Hells Angels on Wheels.
The Glory Stompers. Chrome. and Hot Leather. The Mutations.
FleshGordon. Liana – Jungle Goddess. Switchblade Sisters. –
Scream Baby Scream. Gay Liberation. Squirm. Zebra Force. Savage
Sisters. Johnny Firecloud. The Swiss Conspiracy. The Bull Buster.-
The Rats Are Coming The Werewolves are Here. Vampyres.
Women for Sale. The Rape Killer. The Girl in Boom 2A. The Teacher.
Liz. Eve. Superchick. Women in Cages. The Big Bird Cage. Sins of
Rachel. Pot Parents and Police. Mother. Nazi Love Camp 27
Captive Female. The Love Thrill Murders. Night of the Lepus. 
Cannibal Girls. Satan’s Cheerleaders. The Vampires Night Orgy.
Simon The King of the Witches. Black Belt Jones. The Warriors.


120 minutes of drive-in trailers! DVD-R comes packaged as shown in black DVD case, wrapped in plastic.

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