Swap Till You Drop! Unhappy with her hubby, blonde bombshell Kaye teams up with “dizzy French broad” Giselle for some Free Love Confidential! Answering a “Models Wanted” ad in the L.A. Free Press, the horny housewives rendezvous with a hip photographer, get high on grass, then take pictures of each other making it with him. But free love comes with a price, and when the gals try to retrieve the photos, they encounter a whip-wielding cross-dressing lesbian who wants some free-lovin’ of her own. After a bungled attempt at burglary, the girls eventually agree to buy the pics for $500 at the Club Mojo where an LSD orgy is in progress, and the whole scene turns into one big psychedelic freakout…

Plus: “Uninhibited unmarrieds” Gracie and Gloria move into an apartment complex reserved For Single Swingers Only where the bed-hoppin’ neighbors include studs-in-residence Arty and Dave, “everybody’s playmate” Connie, and Ruth, the lesbian landlady who’s also “a peek freak.” But not everyone was made to swing and Gracie starts to crack, especially after finding Arty & Dave making it with a teen runaway in the living room and Gloria & Ruth doing it in the bedroom: “Everything has an insane dirty feeling about it!” So insane that poor Gracie starts to imagine all the swingers turning into refugees from a horror film. Sexploitation as you like it from the vaults of Harry Novak. Remember: “Only Groovy Chicks Need Apply!”


black and white, mono, fullscreen, DVD-R comes packaged as shown in color DVD case, wrapped in plastic.


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