Hero of Rome (Italian: Il Colosso di Roma) is a 1964 sword and sandal film set in Rome in 508 BC, and depicts the expulsion of the last kings of Rome and the legend of Gaius Mucius Scaevola.

The city-state of Rome has just expelled its Etruscan overlords and become a republic. The Etruscans declare war in an attempt to regain their territory. The warrior Scaevola is captured trying to assassinate king Porsenna, and threatened with torture unless he gives them strategic information. Scaevola instead thrusts his right hand into a brazier and lets it burn, demonstrating that he loves Rome too much to care about physical pain, and warns the king that many other Romans would do the same. The awed Porsenna releases him and sues for peace after learning the truth about how the Romans banished their last king, Lucius Tarquinius Superbus. However, Tarquin still wants to continue the war to regain his throne, and orders his men to kill Mucius later. Mucius returns to Rome to lead his countrymen, but the damage to his hand prevents him from wielding a sword in his right hand again.

The Roman Senate manages the war badly, and it becomes clear that only Scaevola can lead his countrymen to victory. He trains himself to fight with his left hand, and is soon able to return to battle and defeat the Etruscan kings. color, widescreen, mono, 88 minutes.


The Invincible Gladiator (Italian: Il gladiatore invincibile, Spanish: El gladiador invencible) is a 1961 film directed by Alberto De Martino and Antonio Momplet. The film stars Richard Harrison, showing some real acting talent, as well as muscle, in this, his first Italian adventure feature. The fight scenes are very well done and Harrison is given a real chance to show his athletic abilities and coordination, and the budget is obviously a cut above what was normally shelled out for this type of picture. color, mono, fullscreen, runs 90 minutes.


2 DVD-R come packaged as shown in double clear DVD case, wrapped in plastic!


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