Indestructible Man is a 1956 American crime horror science fiction film, an original screenplay by Vy Russell and Sue Dwiggins for producer-director Jack Pollexfen and starring Lon Chaney Jr., Ross Elliott and Robert Shayne.

The picture was produced independently by C.G.K. Productions, and distributed in the United States by Allied Artists Pictures Corporation. The film was distributed theatrically in 1956 on a double bill with World Without End (and in some areas with Invasion of the Body Snatchers).



  • Chaney has almost no dialogue in the film. His character’s emotions were shown through extreme close-ups of his face.
  • Angels Flight appears prominently in this film.
  • The Bradbury Building interior is featured prominently in this film.

Production stills exist of scenes not in the film as released. One shows “Butcher” Benton at a jail where a policeman’s body lies on the ground as Benton carries off Eva Martin. The scene logically came after the police threatened to release Paul Lowe from custody if he does not reveal the location of Benton’s loot, and before the scene where it is revealed Eva has checked herself out of a hospital, presumably after recovering from unspecified injuries. Presumably, this scene is where Benton made good on his threat to get Paul Lowe, breaking into the jail to do it.

Although Joe Flynn played a serious role in this film, audiences laughed at him. This convinced him that comedy was his forte, and he later specialized in comedic roles, most memorably as the irascible Captain Binghamton on TV’s McHale’s Navy (1962–66).


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