Janie (1970)

Extremely Weird Exploitation Movie!

Janie (Mary Jane Carpenter) is a young girl who apparently has some sort of bizarre sexual fantasy about her father. As the movie starts Janie is in bed with a much older man and she begins to tell him about her day. When then flashback to the various stories she tells, which includes her luring men in with her sexy body only to then kill them.

JANIE is a film that I’m really shocked isn’t better known by people. If you’re a fan of exploitation then how is it you’ve probably never heard of this film? Well, I’m going to guess the reason it’s not better known is the fact that it’s really not that good of a movie. Yes, the plot description is a knock-out but sadly the film was burdened with some flaws including a low-budget, which probably kept the movie from achieving more.

Still, if you’re a fan of exploitation then this is still a must-see because, after all, how many awful sexploitation movies are out there and known to fans of the genre? This one here has a lot going for it including the lead actress who is extremely cute and she fits the part of a nymph very well. She’s certainly easy on the eyes but she also makes you believe she could lure all of these men to their death. The budget doesn’t allow for very gruesome murder scenes but there’s still a little blood mixed in with the sex and nudity.

The film clocks in at a very, very short 65-minutes and it’s really not that long because there are all sorts of weird flashbacks throughout the film. We get countless flashbacks to previous murders in the movie and I’m going to guess these here were done so that the running time could be extended. The film isn’t all that well-made but these types of movies don’t really have to be the work of Orson Welles, now do they?

Jack Bravman, who would later direct the horrid ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE, is credited with this film but many believe it was actually directed by Michael Findlay who has a small role in the film. This honestly doesn’t look like the work of Findlay so I’m going to go with Bravman as the director.



color, mono, fullscreen 65 minutes. DVD-R comes packaged as shown in color DVD case, wrapped in plastic!


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