1969 – color – Italy ~ letterbox – directed by Midrele Lupo
with Anna Moi-lo. Gianni Macdriar (laudie Lange. Jean Claudio

“For one fleeting glimpse of paradise, there’s a heavy price for us to pay….”

Jet Set Swingers (aka Love Me, Baby, Love Me) is a thoroughly enjoyable piece of ltalian sexploitation,
overflowing with melodrama but still offering up enough skin to satisfy the perverts of the grindhouse crowd.
After her beloved and wealthy husband Marco takes off to Hong Kong on business, Evie (Metropolitan
Opera star ANNA MOFFO) automatically becomes caught up in the whirlwind jet set, led here by a party-
hungry German lawyer who looks so much like Rodney Dangerfield that you keep expecting him to blurt out,
“I tells ya, I get no respect!” After an all-nig ht session of champagne guzzling, discotheque dancing, and
eating-spag hetti-with-bare~hands-while-sitting-on-a-rooftop-waiting-for-the-sun-to rise, Evie embarks on
an uneasy affair with Eric, a twenty-year-old gigolo with a penchant for sunglasses that even Elton John
would consider over the top. (He also has a cleft in his chin that’s so deep, he looks like a survivor of a Jason
Voorhees meat cleaver attack.)

Initially ashamed and regretful of her extramarital fling, Evie slowly becomes more obsessed with Eric,
who earns a hefty living by seducing married women, then blackmailing them with incriminating photos.
Even the return of her husband fails to ease the pain, with Evie freezing Marco out and even making a half-
hearted attempt at suicide as a means of keeping her hubbys horny mitts at bay. (Thank God for the servants:
Marco ends up relieving his frustrations with the help of a pretty blonde maid….)
But after eventually stumbling upon the sordid secrets of Eric’s sleazy career,a disgusted Evie returns to
the eager and waiting arms of Marco, though she’s still unsure of her true feelings. Nevertheless, the pair kiss
and make up as all their swinger friends prepare to take off on a drunken treasure hum — though exactly
what the treasure is is left to our dirty imaginations….

Ripped kicking and screaming from the vaults of HARRY NOVAK, and featuring sharp, occasionally imaginative
cinematography from future sex-and-horror director JOE D’AMATO (aka Aristide Massaccessi),.Jet Set Swingers
is a rollicking slice of sexy nostalgia, presented in a way that only amore-lovin’ Italians know how, with equal
doses of sleaze, skin, and tenderness….


color, letterbox, mono, 85 minutes, DVD-R comes packaged as shown in color DVD case, wrapped in plastic!


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