One of four Mexican horror films that Carradine made in a row features him as a Count ordering vampire brides to get new victims but there’s a masked wrestler to the rescue. If you’re coming into this expecting an out and out horror film then you’re going to be disappointed but the majority of the action takes place with the wrestler, which is certainly just a rip on the Santo series. I wasn’t a fan of that series and I’m not a fan of this movie, which drags itself out to 90-minutes and really doesn’t have much going for it. This is obviously a very low budgeted movie so we get all sorts of bad special effects including the scenes where the bats transform into the women. The effects used here are so incredibly bad that I’m sure filmmakers from the 1890’s would be laughing at them. There’s another funny sequence where there’s suppose to be a car crash but it’s obvious the cars are driving incredibly slow so that they can avoid any damage to the cars. What does work are all the unintentional laughs, which there are plenty of. Carradine’s performance, dubbed by a Mexican man at least thirty-years younger, offers up some goofy fun in his over the top performance. There are scenes with Carradine locked in a cage acting like a gorilla, which have to be seen if you’re a fan of his. The rest of the cast are all forgettable, which is pretty much the one word for this film. I had to view the film in Spanish without any subs but I doubt the dialogue would have helped any.



ultra rare Mexican horror in 3-D. get out your 3D glasses and you can see the 3D effect really works!


color, fullscreen, mono, 98 minutes, includes 2 pair of 3-D glasses!

DVD-R comes packaged as shown in color DVD case, wrapped in plastic!


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