Macumba Love is a 1960 American adventure horror film directed and co-produced by Douglas Fowley and written by Norman Graham. The film stars Walter ReedZiva RodannWilliam Wellman Jr.June Wilkinson and Ruth de Souza. The film centers on a writer who arrives on a South American island in order to finish his book on cult beliefs only to find that the local Voodoo Queen has other plans for him.

J. Peter Wells, an exposé writer, arrives on an island off the coast of South America, to complete a book on voodoo, ju-jumacumba, mojo and other cult beliefs, which he believes are responsible for unsolved murders on this island. Wealthy landowner Venis de Vias warns him against stirring up the natives, especially any efforts to lessen the prestige of the reigning Voodoo Queen Mama Rata-loi. The arrival of Wells’ daughter, Sara, and her husband, Warren, on a honeymoon trip, starts the pot boiling and making the natives restless, along with Queen Mama Rata-loi, who wants Warren and his friends (including Peter) to satisfy her own sexual appetite and blood lust.


color, mono, fullscreen, cleaned and color corrected (no more yellow cast) for your enjoyment! DVD-R comes packaged as shown in color DVD case, wrapped in plastic!



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