Even though it looks like that it could be either a French or a German sex comedy,this is actually an American production that played he grindhouse/drive-in circuit even though it is an early teen sex comedy that is actually pretty light despite he flashes of nudity as THE BLAZER GIRLS has a quintet of private school students,who are composed of blonde Pam(Mary Mendum[THE IMAGE,LAURA’S TOYS,CHERRY HILL HIGH]),spiritual Rainbow(Sandra Gartner),redhaired Barrett(Claire Waugh),model leaning Mallory(Kim Schachel),and eager Brooke(Judy Rauch),as they put up with their arch rival Priscilla(Caitlin Todd) and their stern principal(Lucinda Constable) as they crusade to raise money for their school to buy a new bell for it by prostituting themselves to various random men that they come across.

Also released as NAUGHTY SCHOOLGIRLS,THE BLAZER GIRLS plays down on the sensual antics as both one-time director Jean Paul Scardino and scriptwriter Alonzo Pye are more interested in developing the fine main female characters amid their raunchy antics and the nudity(both female and male) and sexual hijinks are kept down to a minimum,with THE BLAZER GIRLS being a silly yet enjoyable softcore comedy that is worth viewing.

Steven Millan


color, mono, widescreen damaged print, DVD-R comes packaged as shown in color DVD case, wrapped in plastic.


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