and sure enough each of them has an issue with sex. This includes a woman who likes to beat up men, countless women wanting to express their wild side and even a newlywed couple who plan on having sex at least once a day. THE ABNORMAL FEMALE is a pretty raunchy little picture that should keep fans of this type of thing entertained. Of course, if you’re looking for great filmmaking or Oscar-winning performances then you’re not going to find it here but if you just want cheap sex and a lot of nudity than this here should leave a smile on your face. I was a little surprised to see how raw some of this material is and you’ll get a “preview” of everything during the opening credits where we’re shown clips from the stories that are to follow. You’ll notice a lot of frontal nudity that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination and this here really makes this one more raw than countless others released from this period. Are the stories erotic? Not really but I don’t think they really have to be for this type of film to work. I will say that a big bonus is that the majority of the girls are extremely cute and God knows they weren’t afraid to take it all off. As with most films like this, after a while the entertainment wears off and you’re left with a slow pace that certainly doesn’t help.



black & white, fullscreen, mono, 69 minutes + extra! DVD-R comes packaged as shown in color DVD case, wrapped in plastic.


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