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The motel had 70 beds and she knew them all!

Suspended from school and banished from home by her mother, Ellen Cooper takes work as a chambermaid in her Aunt Connie’s motel. Connie, an alcoholic, determines to fire Ellen when she suspects that her husband Russ is having an affair with the young woman. Knowing that her aunt has no resistance to alcohol, Ellen devises a plan to destroy Connie. She leaves a bottle of liquor in Connie’s room, and when Connie is helplessly drunk, invites three strange men from nearby Haven Bar to molest her. During the wild party that ensues, Ellen brings in Russ to witness his wife’s depravity. Then Ellen, her co-worker Dottie, and Nick France, owner of the Haven Bar, plan a party to make Connie repeat her drunken performance and to blackmail her with photographs they intend to take of Connie having intercourse with the three men from the bar. Nick France and his girl friend Karen, both sex perverts, welcome the chance for some weird entertainment and agree to stage the party at their house. Unaware that his wife is the “guest of honor,” Russ is startled when two women drag Connie, drunk and half naked, into a room and throw her onto the floor before him. Russ tries to protect Connie when the three barflies begin to paw her, but he is helpless. Meanwhile, Dottie continues to snap pictures. Ellen, frightened and confused, tells the guests that Dottie is taking pictures to blackmail them, and the guests turn on Dottie. Then Ellen’s lie is exposed, and she is abandoned to the perverted Nick and Karen, who, delighted, begin to undress her.

black & white, mono, fullscreen, VHS transfer runs 91 minutes. DVD-R comes packaged as shown in black DVD case, wrapped in plastic!




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