1969 color directed by Stephen Apostolof (”A.C. Stephen”)
with Marsha Jordan, Deborah Downey, jamcs Meyer, Liza Renay

“l belonged to him! The Spider was his! He could do anything he wanted with it!” This delirious bit of dialogue is delivered by a topless MARSHA JORDAN while rubbing her panty crotch — home of said “Spider” — as she talks to a toy doll! In between boozing and balling.

Miss Jordan engages in long one-sided conversations with the dolly (her alter ego?). spilling her guts out to it and asking it for advice. now that she’s THE DIVORCEE.

When Betty Brent (Marsha) finds her handsome hunk of a hubby. Hank. in their conjugal sack with a brunette piece of fluff. she divorces the bum and embarks on a virtual marathon of sex. sex. and more sex. beginning with her own divorce lawyer (LLOYD NELSON) and ending with a rich playboy at a penthouse party. Unfortunately. Betty’s also a boozer and looking for love in all the wrong places because she can’t quite get over her ex.

After chug-a-lugging three “Super Zombies.” she reels into the sack for a torrid threesome with pal DEBORAH DOWNEY and Art. the bartender. Afterwards. she interviews for the job of dental assistant with Dr. JAMES MEYER. 0.0.8.. in the sauna owned by an osteopath friend. After the dentist whips Betty’s butt blue with a branch — “lt’s good for you! It’ll make you passionate! You’ll soon get hot!” — the osteopath takes his turn. soothing her wells with his “doctor’s hands” in a gentle lotion massage.

But every time Betty thinks she’s found true love – be it with Bruce Travis. the insurance agent. or John Foster Gillis. the health food pitchman. or with playboy Joe Cannon — she’s disappointed. All these guys really want is her ass. and who can blame them? As the titular divorcee (with the accent definitely on the tit). Marsha’s “a sexpot with spectacular
measurements” — which her fans already know and newcomers to Jordanmania will happily discover.

Even the husband of her best friend. LIZA BENAY (not Liz Benay as is commonly assumed). can’t keep his hands off Betty’s buns. Though Betty believes that “life should be like a fairy tale.” this one ends with Betty summing herself up thusly “Whore! Whore! Betty Brent. slut! Betty Brent. divorcee! Betty Brent. lush!” And. quite honestly. we couldn’t agree with her more. God bless you. Marsha. wherever you are. Another slick “A.C. Stephen” smutfest transferred from the original 35mm double-D negative.

– Don the Deviate. America Moralia


color, mono, fullscreen, 90 minutes. DVD-R comes packaged as shown in color DVD case, wrapped in plastic! 


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