(1965), B/W, 74 minutes
Distributed by Trans-International Films
Produced by K. Gordon Murray
Directed by Stim Segar


This one picks up right where CURSE OF NOSTRADAMUS leaves off. But we knew that the crummy little mound of dirt which “killed” Nosty in the first installment couldn’t possibly hold him.

There’s some great stupid logic in this series, such as when a messenger from the ridiculous “Committee Against Superstition” visits Dolan to tell him he’s nuts for believing in vampires. They are invariably the ones who deliver Nostradamus’ next letter of doom! I guess that’s irony, Mexican style!

Also ridiculous is the illustrious Professor Dolan’s downright stupidity in certain instances. When Mrs. Madison announces that her husband, Nostradamus’ next intended victim, is already dead, one would think one might ask, “Did he have any male heirs?” Especially when the kid is standing right in front of you!

This installment also gives us a cool glimpse of modern Mexican low-life, i.e. criminals. There’s the stool pigeon, “One-Eye”, an absurd thug like something out of a comic book. And then there’s Joseph McTargeson, who goes under the impossible alias “Bobby the Wailer!”

Speaking of “Bobby”, his jail cell looks like a primeval dungeon, and his execution scene, with its grim courtyard setting and its spooky masked hangman, is very creepy, like something straight out of the dark ages.

As in all these films, excellent, dense dialogue predominates, with some remarkable turns-of-phrase that are highly memorable, and tongue twisters as well.

Leo’s voice is really in top form here. It’s the closest thing to a cartoon voice we’ve ever heard in dubbed live-action cinema, a bonafide “moron” voice that’s priceless.

The strange and awkward title of this film, THE MONSTERS DEMOLISHER, apparently refers to new character Igor, the vampire killer who has some decidedly odd powers, and may be seen as little better than Nosty himself.

As in the earlier installment, THE MONSTERS DEMOLISHER has an abrupt, and highly suspect ending. In point of fact, we know that Nosty will return!

These films must have been alotta fun, serialized in the theatre!

-Rob Craig,


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