The Nude Vampire is a 1970 film directed by Jean Rollin. It concerns a suicide cult led by a mysterious man known as “The Master”.

In a strange laboratory, three men in weird masks take the blood of a naked young woman in a hood. Another woman in an orange nightgown is wandering the streets and is followed by a group of people also wearing weird masks. The woman comes across a man named Pierre who tries to help her, but the masked men corner them and shoot the woman; Pierre escapes unharmed. The masked men take the woman into a building, and Pierre follows. Guests then arrive for some sort of party, but Pierre can’t get into the building. Another scene reveals his father is behind it.

He gatecrashes the next party, and a woman commits suicide in front of the other guests when a man shows her picture up on a projector. The woman in the orange nightgown appears and drinks the woman’s blood. Pierre’s face then appears on the projector. The other guests turn on Pierre. He escapes and is stopped by a man in a white cape who tells him to go to his father’s office, where more mysteries await him.

Pierre goes to his father’s office and confronts him, who explains that the girl he saw is his protégée and an orphan. Pierre’s father was a friend of her family. The girl has an unknown blood condition, and her wounds heal right away; she is also believed to be a goddess by certain fanatics. What the father is saying is that she is a vampire. People are working to find someone with the same condition so that they can find a cure. The hoods and masks hide human faces from her so that she does not know she is different. They are hiding her from a group of vampires.

The vampire in the white cape takes the woman and tells Pierre to protect her. A fight then occurs between the vampires and the humans, leading to a beach where the woman sees the sunlight for the first time. They explain that they are not vampires but mutants and that the human race will one day evolve and all have the power of immortality.

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