James Hurley was not happy with the way Herschel Gordon Lewis ended up directing Something Weird. James thought he was making a serious, dramatic film about ESP. Anyone who has ever seen Something Weird knows that wasn’t the case at all. So Hurley took it upon himself to try again. He got Hersch to film it but he wrote/produced/directed the movie himself. This time with no fun, no weirdo shit, and no drive-in appeal. The irony of the whole thing comes full circle because Herschel had to step in and film some softcore sex inserts in order to get the movie played.

This movie was miscredited as an HGL movie for many years. The original Camp Video VHS called it “Herschel Gordon Lewis’ The Psychic” but the bulk of this movie bares no resemblance to an HGL flick AT ALL. It’s all melodrama and it takes itself very seriously.

We follow a man who gets hit on the head and ends up with psychic abilities (just like Something Weird…remember this was Hurley’s redo) but instead of there being a sex-crazed witch and LSD there’s just a guy with ESP who ends up a drunk who cheats on his wife because he can’t handle the stress of what his gift has turned him into.

The softcore inserts give it a bit of the otherwordly low-budget feel of the time but otherwise it’s straight drama. I don’t want to make it sound like a bad thing though. I really did enjoy it and not just as an interesting footnote in HGL’s film career.

color, mono, fullscreen, 90 minute VHS transfer. DVD-R comes packaged as shown in color DVD case, wrapped in plastic!

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