Boxoffice International Pictures, Inc. was a film distributor founded in 1950. The company was owned by Harry Novak, who later used the alternate name Harry Novak Productions. It ceased operations in 1977.


Lisa, Lisa 1977 Frederick R. Friedel
Rituals 1977 Peter Carter
The Child 1977 Robert Voskanian
Hitch Hike to Hell 1977 Irvin Berwick
Woman in the Rain 1976 Paul Hunt
Angels 1976 Spencer Compton
Rattlers 1976 John McCauley
Tanya 1976 Nate Rodgers
Date with a Kidnapper 1976 Frederick R. Friedel
Teenage Bride 1975 Gary Troy
Massage Parlor Wife 1975 Barry J. Spinello
Wham! Bam! Thank You, Spaceman! 1975 William A. Levey
Country Hooker 1974 Lew Guinn
The Black Connection 1974 Michael Finn
Charly’s Nieces 1974 Walter Boos
Dr. Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks 1974 Dick Randall
Tower of Love 1974 George Drazich
Fugitive Killer 1974 Emile A. Harvard
A Taste of Hell 1973 Basil Bradbury, Neil Yarema
The Sinful Dwarf 1973 Vidal Raski
Sassy Sue 1973 Bethel Buckalew
The Dirty Mind of Young Sally 1973 Bethel Buckalew
Please Don’t Eat My Mother! 1973 Carl Monson
A Scream in the Streets 1973 Carl Monson
Sweet Georgia 1972 Edward Boles
The Pig Keeper’s Daughter 1972 Bethel Buckalew
Toys Are Not for Children 1972 Stanley H. Brassloff
Street of a Thousand Pleasures 1972 William Rotsler
The Loves of Cynthia 1972 Arnold Baxter
Erika’s Hot Summer 1971 Gary Graver
Southern Comforts 1971 Bethel Buckalew
The Toy Box 1971 Ronald Víctor García
Machismo: 40 Graves for 40 Guns 1971 Paul Hunt
Midnite Plowboy 1971 Bethel Buckalew
The Exotic Dreams of Casanova 1971 Dwayne Avery
Roseland 1971 Fredric Hobbs
The Mad Butcher 1971 Guido Zurli
Prostitution Pornography USA 1971 Susumu Tokunow
The Takers 1971 Carl Monson
Requiem for a Vampire 1971 Jean Rollin
Below the Belt 1971 Bethel Buckalew
The Godson 1971 William Rotsler
Substitution 1970 Walt Davis
Tobacco Roody 1970 Bethel Buckalew
Wilbur and the Baby Factory 1970 Tom McGowan
The Dark Side of Tomorrow 1970 Jack Deerson, Barbara Peeters
A Girl Called Jules 1970 Tonino Valerii
The Nude Vampire 1970 Jean Rollin
The Notorious Cleopatra 1970 Peter Perry Jr.
Booby Trap 1970 Dwayne Avery
Country Cuzzins 1970 Bethel Buckalew
Naked Pursuit 1969 Toshio Okuwaki
Weekend Lovers 1969 Dwayne Avery
The Concubines 1969 Kôji Wakamatsu
The Secret Sex Lives of Romeo and Juliet 1969 Peter Perry Jr.
Indian Raid, Indian Made 1969 Bob Favorite
Riverboat Mama 1969 Bob Favorite
Two Thousand Weeks 1969 Tim Burstall
Wild, Free & Hungry 1969 Paul Hunt
Any Body… Any Way 1968 Charles Romine
The Muthers 1968 Donald A. Davis
Suburban Pagans 1968 William Rotsler
Kitten in a Cage 1968 Richard MacLeod
Lila 1968 William Rotsler
The Devil in Velvet 1968 Larry Crane
Four Kinds of Love 1968 William Rotsler
Free Love Confidential 1967 Gordon Heller
Women of Desire 1967 Vincent L. Sinclair
Mini-Skirt Love 1967 Lou Campa
Diary of a Swinger 1967 John Amero, Lem Amero
Mundo depravados 1967 Herb Jeffries
Venus in Furs 1967 Joseph Marzano
Mondo Mod 1967 Peter Perry Jr.
Cool It Baby 1967 Lou Campa
The Girl with the Hungry Eyes 1967 William Rotsler
Agony of Love 1966 William Rotsler
Indiscreet Stairway 1966 Ron Mart
The Wonderful World of Girls 1965 Peter Perry Jr.
Crazy Wild and Crazy 1964 Barry Mahon
Kiss Me Quick! 1964 Peter Perry Jr.
The Beautiful, the Bloody, and the Bare 1964 Sande N. Johnsen
Raw Weekend 1964 Sidney Niehoff
Artist Studio Secrets 1964 J.M. Kimbrough
The Touchables 1961 Monte Mann, Jay Sheridan


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