THIGH SPY (1967)

Jeff KanewOrig score
Gary AllenOrig score
Dell RaleyProd supv

Bartholomew is a struggling young artist whose patron, the incorrigible Mr. X, decides to collect the money he has loaned the painter. In lieu of payment, Bartholomew is told that he can repay Mr. X by killing Arnold, a counterspy. Temperamentally unsuited for murder, Bartholomew despairs at his inability to raise the money. His girl friend Truska offers to work the streets to help raise the cash, but earlier efforts have been notably unsuccessful, so instead they go to a restaurant where Chrissy, one of Mr. X’s agents, is detaining the unsuspecting Arnold. Bartholomew shoots at Arnold but misses. He and Truska then follow Arnold and Chrissy to a mountain cabin, and there they try once again to kill Arnold. Again off target, Bartholomew and Truska sit disconsolate in the outhouse, their body warmth waning, their bullets gone. Chrissy finally overrules Arnold and invites the two frozen agents in for food and drink, and soon, with spirits bubbling, all tumble into bed together.


black & white, mono fullscreen. DVD-R comes packaged as shown in color DVD case, wrapped in plastic!


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