Tomb of Torture (ItalianMetempsyco) is a 1963 Italian gothic horror film. It was the only film directed by Antonio Boccacci. Prior to making the film, he wrote cheap paperback mystery novels in the late 1950s. The film was shot in Castle Orsini in Nerola near Rome. The cast included Annie Alberti who was a minor photonovel star in the early 1960s.

Tomb of Torture was released in Italy on 27 March 1963 where it was distributed by Filmar. Italian film historian and critic Roberto Curti stated that the film passed totally unnoticed in Italy where the “box office takings were so scarce that there is no actual record of them.”

The film was picked up for distribution in the United States by Richard Gordon and was released by Trans-Lux Distributing on a double bill with the German vampire film Cave of the Living Dead. Tomb of Torture was later purchased by Four Star for television releases.


Cave of the Living Dead (GermanDer Fluch der grünen Augen) is a 1964 German / Yugoslav horror film directed by Ákos Ráthonyi.

The local police in a sleepy mountain village in the Balkans are left at a loss after seven murders of women. Therefore, Interpol is asked to send an expert. His name is Inspector Frank Doren and he’s an American. Doren finds that every time the power goes out in the village, a girl dies. After that, the corpses disappear. As soon as he arrived, the electricity went out again; even Doren’s car won’t start anymore. This time Maria is the victim, the cook of the inn where he stayed. Despite his attempts to disguise himself as a tourist, the entire village community soon knows that Doren was sent by Interpol, which doesn’t make his job any easier.

Doren continues his investigations, several more or less bizarre inhabitants are suspicious: for example the innkeeper who tried to make Maria docile the night before the last murder, or the obscure village doctor who after every post-mortem examination despite clear bite wounds at the young women’s throats, stereotypically insisting on his heart failure diagnosis. Even the deaf, dumb Thomas is quite nocturnal in an unseemly way, and an old fortune teller babbles about alleged vampires who are supposed to be roaming the area. They all have one thing in common: they are afraid of an ominous grotto near the village.

The village community is also very afraid of the mysterious Professor von Adelsberg, who is said to be working on a scientific study on the subject of “blood” at his high castle. At his service is the young, pretty assistant Karin Schumann. It doesn’t take Frank Doren long to find out that the cultivated nobleman with the aura of the uncanny is behind the mysterious events. Doren quickly takes a liking to the professor’s assistant and they both fall in love. He soon realizes that Karin is in great danger, as her boss is the wanted vampire who has the dead women on his conscience. With the help of Adelsberg’s black servant John, they can locate the vampire’s coffin in the stalactite cave below the castle. There he made the seven allegedly murdered women docile as undead vampires. Before the undead fiend can rise again for a new bloody deed, Doren impales him with a wooden stake. Adelsberg’s decomposing body bursts into flames in a small explosion.


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