Here’s a DVD for your 2020 Christmas party! TV TOYS COMMERCIALS FROM THE 50S & 60S! Nearly 2 hours of non stop commercial barrage/time tunnel. 

TV TOYS is a quality laserdisc transfer with chapters & menus. Purple disc DVD, packaged as shown in color DVD case, wrapped in plastic, ready to ship to you via USPS First Class!



Toy maven Ira H. Gallen’s fascinating collection of nearly 100 TV toy ads from the ’50s and ’60s will be as much fun for adults as the toys themselves were in their childhood. Often hilarious, often spooky, these spots offer a rich sampling of period corporate media tactics, and a pop-psych peek into the juvenile world from which an entire counterculture was to spring.


Wide World of Toys


1. Mr. Machine

2. Mystery Date

3. Coney Island Penny Machine

4. Gaylord

5. Fascination

6. Creepy Crawlers

7. Giant Wheel Games

8. V-RROOM! Hot-Rodder Engine

9. Witchdoctor Head Shrinker’s Kit

10. Veda Board

11. Roger Maris’ Action Baseball

12. Transistor Radio Kit




13. Steve Canyon Jet Helmet

14/ Steve Canyon Fighter Jet

15. Jimmy Jet

16. Flying Fox Jet Prop Airliner

17. Voice Control Kennedy Airport




18. Project Yankee Doodle Test Center

19. Count Down Control Center

20. Man in Space Set

21. Mercury Capsule Launching Car

22. Astro Base and Colonel McCauley Space Helmet

23. Major Matt Mason

24. Billy Blastoff

25. Zeroids

26. Robot Commando

27. Great Garloo

28. King Zor

29. Rock’ em Sock’ em Robots


Dealer Promotionals


30. Robert the Talking Robot

31. Dingalings

32. Gilbert toys of 1963

33. Betsy Wetsy




34. Betsy Wetsy

35. Barbie

36. Barbie meets Ken

37. Barbie’s Mix and Match Clothes

38. Barbie’s Dream House

39. Shirley Temple

40. Patty Play Pal

41. Chatty Cathy

42. Casper, Matty Mattel, Sister Bell

43. Budding Beauty Vanity




1. Nabisco Toy Round-up Contest

2. The Action Men from Bonanza

3. Johnny West Best of the West


Western Hardware


4. Roy Rogers’ Quick Shooter Hat

5. Shootin’ Shell Pistols

6. Shootin’ Shell Winchester Rifle

7. Blaze the Galloping Horse

8. Johnny Reb Cannon

9. Sound-O-Power Western and Military Rifles


Military Men and Weapons


10. G.I. Joe

11. Gung Ho Commando Outfit

12. Tiger Joe Tank

13. Big Shot

14. Battlewagon

15. Whirly Birds

16. Navy Frogman

17. Sonar Sub-Hunt

18. Carry-All Action Play Sets

19. Johnny Seven Mircohelment and One Man Army




20. Snub-Nose .38 and Shoulder Holster

21. Tommy-Burst Detective Set

22. Lie Detector Game

23. Dick Tracy Power-Jet Gun

24. Dick Tracy 2 Way Wrist Radio




25. Secret Sam Spy Set

26. Super Spy Attache Set

27. Multi-Pistol O9

28. Zero M. Sonic Blaster


Trains, Cars, and Trucks


29. Joe DiMaggio for Lionel Train Sets

30. American Flyer All-Aboard

31. Lionel Turbo Missile Firing Car

32. Lionel Trains Test Pilot’s Son & Rocket Launchers

33. Mr. Kelly’s Automatic Car-Wash

34. Trik-Trak Road Rally

35. Super-Helmet Seven

36. Movieland Drive-in Theatre

37. Big Buster

38. Thimble City Union Station




39. Captain Midnight Secret Squadron

40. Flying Superman

41. Chipmunk Soaky Bubble Bath & Speed Toy

42. Clanky Chocolate Flavored Syrup (Spaceman Bottle)

43. Nabisco Signal Toys


Perennial Favorites


44. Slinky Toys

45. Colorforms

46. Silly Putty

47. Magnastiks and Etch-A-Sketch

48. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head


The “Future”


49. Hasbro Toys of Tomorrow Promotional

Product Details

  • Format:Color, Dolby, NTSC
  • Language:English
  • Aspect Ratio:1.33:1
  • Number of Discs:1
  • Rating:Not Rated
  • Run Time:115 minutes

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