Young David, a salesclerk who is obsessed with sex, has fantasies of wanting to make love with Venus, although in reality David is unsure of himself, being easily intimidated by women. On his way to work, he dreams of attacking a woman on the bus, and throughout his days he imagines that the women he sees are nude. He meets Marna, a socialite, at the public library, and accepts an invitation to spend the weekend at her house. He arrives during a party but is unable to get into the mood of it. Late that night, he and another guest, Lorilie, make love on the lawn. He returns to the house and witnesses some bizarre sexual acts, including sadism and lesbianism, and discovers that Lorilie and Marna are lovers. At night, the continuing party is stimulated by drugs. Marna accuses David of sexual inadequacy; on a dawn horseback ride, she proves her superior horsemanship. As Marna and Lorilie tie David to a tree, his worst fears of inferiority are confirmed while they make love in front of him. Suddenly, he finds himself on the library steps–he has had a bad dream. As he walks away, his gaze is drawn to a woman (Marna?) smiling seductively at him from the back of a limousine. …

black & white, mono, fullscreen, 65 minutes, with bonus trailers at the end. DVD-R comes packaged as shown in color DVD case, wrapped in plastic!



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