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Jigsaw (also known as Jigsaw Murder) is a 1968 American mystery film directed by James Goldstone. It stars Harry Guardino and Bradford Dillman. This remake of Mirage (1965) was originally made for television but shown first in theaters

After someone places sugar cubes laced with LSD in his cup of coffee, Jonathan Fields regains consciousness, only to find a woman drowned in his bathtub and flecks of blood on his hands and clothes. Suffering from amnesia, Fields can’t think of anyplace else to turn, so he hires Arthur Belding, a private detective, to help him find out what happened. Returning to work at a scientific think tank, Fields encounters a concerned woman who claims to be his sweetheart, Helen Atterbury, and a colleague who’s been after his job, Lew Haley.

A hippie, Dill, and an accomplice kidnap Belding and attempt to drug him, but the detective escapes and recuperates with the help of Sarah, his girlfriend. He and Fields eventually discover that Dr. Edward Arkroyd, the head of the think tank who had been having a romantic affair with the murder victim, has been murdered as well, and that Haley is behind both the killings. A fistfight ensues between Fields and Haley, resulting in the latter falling out a window to his death.

color, mono, fullscreen, 16mm to VHS to DVD-R transfer, runs 97minutes. DVD-R comes packaged as shown in color DVD case, wrapped in plastic! cool it man!



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