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The Monkees were an American pop rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1966, comprising Micky DolenzMichael NesmithPeter Tork and Davy Jones. They were conceived in 1965 as a fictional band for the sitcom The Monkees by the television producers Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider. Music credited to the Monkees appeared in the sitcom, which aired from 1966 to 1968, and was released on LP.

While the sitcom was a mostly straightforward affair, the music production generated tension and controversy almost from the beginning. Music supervisor Don Kirshner was dissatisfied with the quartet’s musical abilities, and he limited their involvement during the recording process, relying instead on professional songwriters and studio musicians. This arrangement yielded multiple hit albums and singles, but it did not sit well with the band members, who were facing a public backlash for not playing on the recordings. After a brief power struggle, the band members gained full control over the recording process. For two albums, the Monkees mostly performed as a group, but, within a year, each member was pursuing his own interests under the Monkees name. By the end of 1968, they were once again a group in name only, the show had been canceled, and their motion picture, Head, had flopped. Tork left the band soon after, followed by Nesmith a year later, and the Monkees officially broke up in 1970.


Season 1 (1966–1967)

Debuting on September 12, 1966, the series aired on Monday nights at 7:30 p.m. Eastern, preceding I Dream of Jeannie and opposite The Iron Horse (ABC) and Gilligan’s Island (CBS). A few episodes were aired in different chronological order than when they were filmed, such as episode 8, “Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth” and the pilot as episode 10.

Some syndicated and overseas versions of episode (such as many of those used by the BBC in the United Kingdom when it ran the series several times) use the second-season version of the opening credits in place of the original first-season version.

List of The Monkees season 1 episodes
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
11“Royal Flush”James FrawleyRobert Schlitt and Peter MeyersonSeptember 12, 1966
The Monkees rescue Princess Bettina, (Katherine Walsh), the Duchess of Harmonica, from a drowning, only to find that her evil uncle Archduke Otto (Theodore Marcuse) is trying to dispose of her in an attempt to take the duchy’s throne.

Songs: “This Just Doesn’t Seem to Be My Day”, “Take a Giant Step
1967 reruns: “You Told Me”, “The Girl I Knew Somewhere
Saturday mornings: “Apples, Peaches, Bananas and Pears”, “Good Clean Fun”

22“Monkee See, Monkee Die”James FrawleyTreva SilvermanSeptember 19, 1966
The Monkees attend the reading of a late millionaire’s will, and find themselves forced to stay the night in his haunted castle.

Songs: “Last Train to Clarksville“, “Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day”
1967 reruns: “Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day” was replaced with “A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You”.

33“Monkee vs. Machine”Robert RafelsonDavid PanichSeptember 26, 1966
In a computerized toy factory, the Monkees foil an efficiency expert (Stan Freberg) who wants to replace an old toymaker (Walter Janovitz) with automation.

Songs: “Saturday’s Child” (alternate vocal track), “Last Train to Clarksville”
1967 reruns: “Saturday’s Child” was replaced with “You Told Me.”
Saturday mornings: “Saturday’s Child” was replaced with “Listen to the Band.”

44“Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers”James FrawleyDave EvansOctober 3, 1966
A shady PR man (Andre Philippe) forces the Monkees into unflattering sunts, his effort to keep them from entering a talent contest (and winning a record deal) that he wants his clients, the Four Swines, to enter and win.

Songs: “Let’s Dance On,” “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone,” “Last Train to Clarksville”
1967 reruns: “A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You,” “The Girl I Knew Somewhere”
Saturday mornings: “Last Train to Clarksville” was replaced with “Do You Feel It Too?”

55“The Spy Who Came in from the Cool”Robert RafelsonGerald Gardner and Dee CarusoOctober 10, 1966
The Monkees get mixed up with two foreign spies (Jacques Aubuchon and Arlene Martel) after Davy unwittingly purchases a set of red maracas containing secret microfilm.

Songs: “The Kind of Girl I Could Love,” “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone,” “All the King’s Horses,” “Saturday’s Child” (album version)
1967 reruns: “Saturday’s Child” was replaced with “Randy Scouse Git.”
Saturday mornings: “Saturday’s Child” was replaced with “All Alone in the Dark.”

66“Success Story”James FrawleyGerald Gardner, Dee Caruso and Bernie OrensteinOctober 17, 1966
Davy’s grandfather (Ben Wright), who believes his grandson has become wealthy and successful, pays a visit; it forces the guys to work as Davy’s “employees” in an attempt to make the charade stick.

Songs: “I Wanna Be Free,” “Sweet Young Thing”
1967 reruns: “I Wanna Be Free” was replaced with “Shades of Gray.”
Saturday mornings: “I Wanna Be Free” was replaced with “French Song.”

77“Monkees in a Ghost Town”James FrawleyRobert Schlitt and Peter MeyersonOctober 24, 1966
Stranded in a ghost town after the Monkeemobile runs out of gas, the Monkees are held prisoner by bank robbers (Len LesserLon Chaney Jr.) and their boss, “the Big Man” (Rose Marie).

Songs: “Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day,” “Papa Gene’s Blues,” “(Theme from) The Monkees
1967 reruns: “Words” (single version) replaced “Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day.”

88“Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth”Robert RafelsonDave EvansOctober 31, 1966
Despite landlord Mr. Babbitt (Henry Corden) forbidding any pets, Davy brings home an equine to horsesit. The boys get a taste of farm living when they return the steed to a father and child (Jim Boles and Kerry MacLane); the adventure also sees Davy race the horse against one belonging to the father’s neighbor.

Songs: “Papa Gene’s Blues,” “All the King’s Horses”
Saturday mornings: “I Never Thought It Peculiar” replaced “All the King’s Horses.”

Note: Character actor and frequent Bob Hope sideman Jerry Colonna, in his last acting credit, appears as veterinarian Dr. Mann.

99“The Chaperone”Bruce KesslerDee Caruso and Gerald GardnerNovember 7, 1966
To help Davy gain a date with retired general Harley Vandenberg’s (Arch Johnson) daughter, Leslie (Sherry Alberoni), Micky poses as a female chaperone at a party after the real chaperone (Diana Chesney) gets drunk; “Mrs. Arcadian” arouses the attention of both General Vandenberg and landlord Mr. Babbitt.

Songs: “This Just Doesn’t Seem to Be My Day,” “Take a Giant Step” (alternate vocal track), “You Just May Be the One” (original version)
Saturday mornings: “Midnight Train” replaced “This Just Doesn’t Seem to Be My Day.”

1010“Here Come the Monkees (Pilot)”Mike ElliotPaul Mazursky and Larry TuckerNovember 14, 1966
The Monkees play a sweet sixteen party and, after the birthday girl (Robyn Millan) falls for Davy and resultingly neglects her schoolwork, help her with her studies.

Songs: “I Wanna Be Free” (fast and original album versions), “Let’s Dance On”
1967 reruns: “Shades of Gray” replaced “I Wanna Be Free.”

Notes This is an edited version of the original series pilot that was shot in November 1965 and pitched to NBC. Producer Bob Rafelson re-edited it after it tested poorly, and NBC then picked up the series. The tag features screen tests of Davy and Mike filmed on the sets of The Farmer’s Daughter. The Monkees arrive at the party not in the Monkeemobile (which was built after the show was picked up by NBC) but in a red-and-yellow “woodie” station wagonBing Russell makes a brief appearance as the Monkees’ manager, but he is not seen or mentioned again in the series.

1111“Monkees à la Carte”James FrawleyGerald Gardner, Dee Caruso and Bernie OrensteinNovember 21, 1966
The Monkees pose as the Purple Flower Gang to save their favorite Italian restaurant from a gangster (Harvey Lembeck).

Songs: “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone,” “She”

1212“I’ve Got a Little Song Here”Bruce KesslerTreva SilvermanNovember 28, 1966
After Mike is fleeced by a fraudulent music publisher (Phil Leeds), Micky acts as a flashy Hollywood producer to get Mike’s money back.

Songs: “Gonna Buy Me a Dog”, “Mary, Mary”
1967 reruns: “For Pete’s Sake” replaced “Mary, Mary.”
Saturday mornings: “Steam Engine,” a song not on any albums or singles during the series’ run on the networks, replaced “Mary, Mary.”

Note: First appearance of Davy, Peter and Micky in their Monkeemen superhero costumes.

1313“One Man Shy”
“Peter and the Debutante”
James FrawleyGerald Gardner, Dee Caruso and Treva SilvermanDecember 5, 1966
With the band’s help, bashful Peter tries to win the heart of lovely debutante Valerie Cartwright (Lisa James) while dealing with her haughty boyfriend Ronnie Farnsworth (George Furth).

Songs: “I’m a Believer“, “You Just May Be the One” (original version)
1967 reruns: “I’m a Believer” was replaced with “Forget That Girl.”
Saturday mornings: “I’m a Believer” was replaced with “If I Knew.”

1414“Dance, Monkee, Dance”James FrawleyBernie OrensteinDecember 12, 1966
Peter wins a free dance lesson at Renaldo’s (Hal March) Dance Au Go Go; the rest of the band follows suit… only to learn that they’ve signed lifetime contracts.

Songs: “I’ll Be Back Up on My Feet” (original version), “I’m a Believer”
Saturday mornings: “If You Have the Time,” which did not appear on any albums or singles at the time

1515“Too Many Girls”
“Davy and Fern”
James FrawleyStory by : Dave Evans
Teleplay by : Dave Evans, Gerald Gardner & Dee Caruso
December 19, 1966
A gypsy tea room owner (Reta Shaw) predicts Davy will fall in love within 24 hours and leave the group. Her true plan, though, is to force Davy to join her daughter, Fern (Kelly Jean Peters), in a talent show competition. It forces the rest of the Monkees to enter the show (Peter as a magician, Mike as a folk singer, Micky as an impressionist).

Songs: “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone” (performed live on set), “I’m a Believer”, “Different Drum” (played for laughs).

Notes: The episode includes a beauty pageant scene in which Fern appears wearing a bathing suit, but NBC blurred Kelly Jean Peters’ cleavage. The syndicated reruns from the 1970s showed her uncensored. In the talent show, Mike (as singer “Billy Ray Hodstetter”) comically plays a sped-up version of “”Different Drum,” a song he authored that became the first major hit of Linda Ronstadt (with the Stone Poneys).

1616“Son of a Gypsy”James FrawleyStory by : Treva Silverman
Teleplay by : Gerald Gardner, Dee Caruso and Treva Silverman
December 26, 1966
After they get a party gig at Madame Rantha’s mansion ahead of a quartet of musical gypsy brothers; the gypsies’ mother, Maria, (Jeanne Arnold), forces the Monkees to steal a priceless statuette, the Maltese Vulture, from the Rantha mansion.

Songs: “Let’s Dance On,” “I’m a Believer”

1717“The Case of the Missing Monkee”Robert RafelsonGerald Gardner and Dee CarusoJanuary 9, 1967
Peter becomes involved in a kidnapping plot against the respected rocket science professor Milo Schnitzler (Norbert Schiller)… and winds up disappearing himself.

Songs: “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone”
1967 reruns: “Pleasant Valley Sunday”

1818“I Was a Teenage Monster”Sidney MillerStory by : Dave Evans
Teleplay by : Gerald Gardner, Dee Caruso and Dave Evans
January 16, 1967
Mad scientist Dr. Mendoza (John Hoyt) and his assistant Groot (Byron Foulger) hire the Monkees to teach music to the monster they’ve built (Richard Kiel), only to instead transplant their talents into the beast.

Songs: “Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day,” “Your Auntie Grizelda
Saturday mornings: “Your Auntie Grizelda” was replaced with “Good Clean Fun.”

1919“Find the Monkees”
“The Audition”
Richard NunisDave EvansJanuary 23, 1967
When television producer Hubbell Bensen (Carl Ballantine) hears a tape of the Monkees, he frantically stages auditions in the hope of finding them for his new television show, unaware that they’ve been desparately trying to audition for him.

Songs: “Sweet Young Thing,” “Papa Gene’s Blues,” “Mary, Mary”

Note: This episode’s epilogue tag, lasting an abnormally long 3 minutes, features an interview segment with the band and producer Robert Rafelson discussing the recent Sunset Strip curfew riots, which Micky Dolenz had witnessed.

2020“Monkees in the Ring”James FrawleyGerald Gardner and Dee CarusoJanuary 30, 1967
A crooked fight promoter (Ned Glass) prepares to cash in on a big bet by making Davy a stooge in a bout with the champ.

Songs: “Laugh” (without background vocals on first verse), “I’ll Be Back Up on My Feet” (original version)
Saturday mornings: “Looking for the Good Times”

2121“The Prince and the Paupers”James KomackStory by : Peter Meyerson
Teleplay by : Gerald Gardner and Dee Caruso
February 6, 1967
The band convinces Davy to swap places with his doppelganger, a shy prince who wants to win the heart of young socialite Wendy Forsythe (Heather North) so that he can marry before his 18th birthday and avoid forfeiting his country’s throne to evil Count Myron (Oscar Beregi Jr.).

Songs: “Mary, Mary”
Saturday mornings: “99 Pounds”

Note: In scenes with both Davy and the prince, disc jockey Rodney Bingenheimer was used as Davy’s double, seen from the back only.

2222“Monkees at the Circus”Bruce KesslerDavid PanichFebruary 13, 1967
To save a financially bankrupt circus, the Monkees pose as a troupe of dazzling high-wire artists from France known as the Mozzarelli Brothers, but get in trouble when their guise requires them to actually perform as aerialists.

Songs: “Sometime in the Morning,” “She”

Note: References to Micky’s previous TV series Circus Boy are made throughout.

2323“Captain Crocodile”James FrawleyStory by : Peter Meyerson & Robert Schlitt
Teleplay by : Gerald Gardner, Dee Caruso, Peter Meyerson and Robert Schlitt
February 20, 1967
The Monkees’ appearance on the children’s program The Captain Crocodile Show is sabotaged by its host (Joey Forman), who fears that his guests’ popularity is diminishing his own.

Songs: “Valleri” (original version), “Your Auntie Grizelda”
1967 reruns: “Pleasant Valley Sunday” replaced “Your Auntie Grizelda.”

Note: This episode contains parodies of TV shows What’s My Line?To Tell the Truth, and Batman.

2424“Monkees à la Mode”Alex SingerGerald Gardner and Dee CarusoFebruary 27, 1967
The Monkees are chosen as the typical young Americans of the year by Chic magazine, but feel adverse effects when the publication falsely presents them as clean-cut young men.

Songs: “(Theme from) The Monkees” (excerpts), “Laugh,” “You Just May Be the One” (original version)
Saturday mornings: “Oh My My” replaced “Laugh.”

Notes: Micky plays the kettle drum portion of “Randy Scouse Git” when drumming on the table.

2525“Alias Micky Dolenz”Bruce KesslerStory by : Dave Evans
Teleplay by : Gerald Gardner, Dee Caruso and Dave Evans
March 6, 1967
The police cash in on Micky’s striking resemblance to imprisoned crime kingpin Baby Face Morales in an attempt to bring down the rest of Baby Face’s gang and locate missing robbery loot.

Songs: “The Kind of Girl I Could Love,” “Mary, Mary”

Notes: A stand-in doubles for Micky in scenes that he shares with Baby Face. Davy does not appear in the plot of the episode, but he speaks in the closing interview tag explaining his absence.

2626“Monkees Chow Mein”James FrawleyGerald Gardner and Dee CarusoMarch 13, 1967
Peter finds a secret message in a fortune cookie at a Chinese restaurant, forcing Monkeemen Davy and Mike to come to his rescue from the evil Dragonman (Joey Forman).

Songs: “Your Auntie Grizelda”
1967 reruns: “Words” (single version)

Notes: References to Get Smart are made throughout. Second appearance of the Monkees as the Monkeemen, as Davy and Mike wear the costumes to rescue Peter and Micky. The episode also features Mike Farrell in a role as an FBI agent.

2727“Monkee Mother”James FrawleyPeter Meyerson and Robert SchlittMarch 20, 1967
Middle-aged widow Millie Rudnick (Rose Marie) moves in with the Monkees, but in a need to keep their personal space, the boys soon try to find her a husband.

Songs: “Sometime in the Morning,” “Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)”

Note: This was only one of two episodes featured entirely at the Monkees’ house, the other being Season 2’s “A Coffin Too Frequent”.

2828“Monkees on the Line”James FrawleyGerald Gardner, Dee Caruso and Coslough JohnsonMarch 27, 1967
Instead of getting themselves a telephone answering service, the Monkees are hired by one; Peter’s actions on one call leads to the group’s pursuit by a crooked bettor (Milton Frome).

Songs: “Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)”
Saturday mornings: “Little Girl”

2929“Monkees Get Out More Dirt”Gerald ShepardGerald Gardner and Dee CarusoApril 3, 1967
The Monkees’ friendship is threatened when they all fall for and aim to woo the same girl, laundromat proprietress April Conquest (Julie Newmar).

Songs: “(Theme from) The Monkees,” “The Girl I Knew Somewhere”
Saturday mornings: “Steam Engine” replaced “The Girl I Knew Somewhere.”

Note: Wally Cox makes a cameo appearance in the teaser.

3030“Monkees Manhattan Style”
“Monkees in Manhattan”
Russell MayberryGerald Gardner and Dee CarusoApril 10, 1967
In New York City, the Monkees fend off an irate hotel manager (Philip Ober) as they help a financially strained producer (Richard Anders) get backing for a Broadway musical.

Songs: “The Girl I Knew Somewhere,” “Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)” (with extra instrumental passage), “Words” (original version)
Saturday mornings: “Acapulco Sun” replaced “The Girl I Knew Somewhere.”

Note: The plot loosely follows that of the Marx Brothers‘ 1938 film Room Service.

3131“Monkees at the Movies”Russ MayberryGerald Gardner and Dee CarusoApril 17, 1967
Davy is selected to replace a snobbish film idol (Bobby Sherman) in a beach movie.

Songs: “A Little Bit Me, a Little Bit You,” “Last Train to Clarksville,” “Valleri” (original version)

3232“Monkees on Tour”Robert RafelsonRobert RafelsonApril 24, 1967
Scripted antics take a back seat to music in this mini-documentary chronicling the Monkees’ trip to Phoenix as part of their first concert tour.

Songs: “The Girl I Knew Somewhere,” “I’m a Believer”
1967 reruns: “Pleasant Valley Sunday” replaced “The Girl I Knew Somewhere,” and “Words” (single version) replaced “I’m a Believer.
Saturday mornings: “Steam Engine” replaced “The Girl I Knew Somewhere.”
Concert songs: “Last Train to Clarksville,” “Sweet Young Thing,” “Mary, Mary,” “Cripple Creek,” “You Can’t Judge a Book by the Cover,” “I Wanna Be Free,” “I Got a Woman,” “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone.”

Notes: First episode with no laugh track. The teaser, in which Davy makes introductory remarks, was filmed on the set of Bewitched and was filmed during the Headquarters sessions (as evidenced by Mike’s, Micky’s and Peter’s beards). The on-location scenes in Phoenix were filmed in January 1967.


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